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Intense Lip Repair Balm 15g
NZ $25.00


Intense Lip Repair Balm 15g

Overnight results guaranteed! Qtica Overnight Lip Repair Balm is a rich, thick concentration of honey, vitamins, aloe, tea tree and essential oils that help heal and seal the most dry irritated lips. In many cases, results are instantaneous!

Qtica Lip Repair Balm is a favorite beauty solution of spas, salons, dermatologists, athletes and celebrities. Ideal for Summer and Winter, Qtica Lip Repair Balm is the ultimate defense against the elements.

Qtica Lip Repair Balm also acts as a base for your lipstick by plumping up the lines on the lip and sealing in moisture, extending lipstick wear.

As seen in Glamour, Allure and Fit Pregnancy magazines
Here are some reviews:

Julie from St Pete, FL
There is NOTHING BETTER OUT THERE!!! This is the ultimate lip jive! I put it on, it STAYS on (doesn't lick off), and it moisturizes perfectly! I have used this product exclusively since I first tried it about 3 years ago, and I'll use it forever or at least as long as they make it! :)

Wedding Saver!!!!
A co-worker turned me on to this product when I was desperate to heal my dry, cracked lips within weeks of my wedding. Within one day, they were healing and by the second day were softer and smoother than they had been in months. It is thick, a little goes a long way. If more is applied, it gives your a lips a beautiful shine. A little under your lipstick will make your color last longer.....a great product!

It really worked for me
Corrine from California
I had an allergic reaction to a red lipstick which caused my lips to literally shirvel(giving the appearence of an old lady). I tried vasoline, chapstick, medicated lip therapy, carmax, burt's bees and aveeno; none healed my lips only temporary relief. I could not apply any lip color at all. This went on for a couple of months. It wasn't until I went into my local beauty supply where the manager suggested this product; my lips were back to normal in about two weeks. A little goes a long way. Worth every penny.

great product
j from j
this product really aids with really dry chapped lips. it also leaves my lips smooth shiny and silky. this is now my staple product for my lips

This is one of my top lip savers - ever!
Lee from Leamington, Ontario
It works wonders on my chapped, winter lips all day and I use it at bedtime to do it's magic all night long. This product is very, very good.

Great stuff!
Christy from Houston, TX
I know it's pricey for lip balm, but this stuff really works! You only need a dab, so one tube will last you a long while. I've tried tons of lip balms and I love this one so because it actually stays on (you don't have to keep reapplying) & it keeps my lips soft.

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