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Sunless spray tanning is safe and fast, creating the lasting effect of a natural tan without exposure to potentially damaging UVA and UVB rays. Su-do pioneered the concept and its introduction as a beauty treatment has resulted in a significant income opportunity for salons.

To create a great tan you need these factors
  • Flawless application
  • Exceptional equipment
  • Trustworthy tanning fluid

Su-do promises you can obtain excellence in all three. The combination of technique, equipment and formulation means a full body tan should take as little as 10 minutes and last up to 10 days, making it a highly desirable treatment for both the salon and client.

Su-do equipment looks good, works efficiently and gives results the client will love. All environments are catered for. The range covers systems with elegant booths for the most discerning environment, to mobile systems designed with portability firmly in mind. These can be bought as a package or alternatively, items can be purchased separately, so customised systems can be created to suit individual needs.
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