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ecotan_model_1.jpg The NEW art of the sunless tan from Su-do

Now new EcoTan from Su-do Professional offers you the opportunity to prepare for and maintain your Su-do Tan, and also offers a range of tanning alternatives if you are unable to use sprays or get to the salon as often as you would like.

"Skin Match Technology" in EcoTan's sunless tanning products means your skin will always tan to suit your own natural tone.

Because effective preparation and aftercare are key to a successful and lasting tan, Su-do has also included The Golden Rules of Tanning inside every pack. Written by UK make-up artist Dani'l Spiceley, these tell you how to get the best from your tan and from EcoTan's innovative Tan Enhancing Whole Body Cosmetics.

To ensure freshness, creams and gels are presented in the economical EcoTan airless pump - giving you a precisely measured quantity everytime, right down to the last pump. The microsprays used for EcoTan work at any angle to dispense the finest possible tanning mist to replicate the Su-do salon experience. Specially selected to work without propellant gasses, these sprays have no metal parts so there is no danger of product greening in storage.
Deep Contour Gel 50ml Shimmering Highlight Gel 50ml

Deep Contour Gel 50ml

Shimmering Highlight Gel 50ml

NZ $24.95 NZ $24.95
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