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Anchor Base Coat 60ml Pro Refill
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Anchor Base Coat 60ml Pro Refill

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What is Zoya Anchor Base Coat

Zoya Anchor base coat is a highly durable yet flexible base coat that grips your nail and holds nail polish in place for maximum wear.

What Zoya Anchor Base Coat Does

Bind colour to your nail with Zoya Anchor Basecoat. Polish adheres to the nail by forming a bond between the nail plate and polish, preventing peeling and chipping. As an added bonus, complex protein chains strengthen nails.

How to Use Zoya Anchor Base Coat

Apply one coat to clean, prepped nails. Follow with Zoya Nail Polish, Armor Top Coat and Zoya Hurry Up Speed Dry Drops Polish Drying Accelerator.
Zoya Anchor will keep your polish on. A revolutionary TPB polymer basecoat that forms a tight bond between your nail and your polish, preventing chipping and peeling, while strengthening the nail with complex protein chains. Use with Zoya Armor to double wearability.


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