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Zoya Collection - Sophisticates

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The new Zoya collection palette of 12 smouldering nudes and shadowy hues in creams, pearl and metallic finishes

ZP904 McKenna - refined pearl in a soft almond
ZP905 Beth - soft, sandy, rose gold metallic
ZP906 Presley - smokey, mauve taupe cream
ZP907 Joni - deep, dusty plum cream
ZP908 Hera - muted, red mauve cream
ZP909 Padma - deep, vermillion red cream
ZP910 Yvonne - rich, bordeaux red cream
ZP911 Mona - deep, burgundy plum cream
ZP912 Elaine - dark, umber brown cream
ZP913 Hadley - smokey, midnight blue cream
ZP914 Tabitha - refined pearl in a deep hunter green
ZP915 Gal - smokey, iridescent, peridot gold metallic
McKenna Hera Elaine Tabitha





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